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English Gliwice Rynek 4

Rynek 4, Gliwice

(0) 801 322 422
(22) 203 94 22

Openning hours:
Mon-Fri: 8.00-21.00,
Sat: 9.00-14.00

You can easily get to Speak Up school in Gliwice by bus as it is located in the very centre at 4, Rynek.

You can catch A4 bus and get off in Dolnych Wałów Street and walk several metres to the school. You can also catch buses: 8, 32, 41, 58, 669, 702, 932 and get off in Mikołowska Street near Rynek. In Górnych Wałów Street, about 250 metres from Speak Up, there is another bus stop with lines 710, 59, 60, 126, 156, 178, 187, 194, 202, 288, 617, 648, 676, 677, 840 and 850.

Speak Up course in Gliwice is worth signing up for as the school offers a written guarantee of learning effectiveness. Speak Up innovative teaching programme and a flexible timetable stand out above all English schools. Thanks to its teaching hours from 8am to 9pm students can easily adjust classes and school responsibilities to their professional and private timetable. The school’s greatest assets are an individual study plan based on particular language skills such as fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary as well as the teaching method adjusted to students’ needs.

Our experienced teachers conduct classes based on students’ needs and interests. Groups are small and meet in well-equipped classrooms. Thanks to your student’s card you can join the Speak-Up Club, where you can also attend extra conversation classes. At Speak Up you’ll certainly find a course for yourself. Sign up now!

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