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Nie wyraziłeś zgody na komunikację z nami. Zachęcamy Cię do tego, dzięki czemu będziesz zawsze informowany o specjalnych ofertach, jakie dla Ciebie przygotujemy. 

Opinie Studentów

Thanks to learning English, I managed to learn many interesting words. Speak Up is the most effective school I have attended. 

Witalina, Ukraine

I am happy with learning at Speak Up school because teachers always eagerly answer questions and explain complex rules of "Past" tenses. I am going to continue studying at Speak Up after completing my current level. 

Julia, Russia

Thanks to studying English at Speak Up, I managed to get a good test result during a job interview. I recommend Speak Up school to anyone who is focused on promotion.

Anna, Poland

Thanks to Multimedia lessons online, I can learn English at any time, on any day. I am happy that Speak Up school is so convenient. 

Andrej, Russia

Thanks to Speak Up teachers, I came to find that learning English can be easy and pleasurable. Classes are very diverse: combining teacher contact classes with multimedia lessons makes learning even faster than I had expected. 

Andrej, Ukraine

I have attended Speak Up school for the last 4 months and am very satisfied that I chose this English school. The atmosphere is conducive to effective learning and, what’s more, I can also customize the lesson schedule to my availability. 

Ewgenia, Russia


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